Merry Christmas

If you were following along with the Christmas Tree Drama from last post, you may be interested to learn that I compromised and got a live wreath instead of a Christmas Tree. While it’s no doubt difficult to stack presents under, it provides the proper evocative, piney scent to trigger the Christmas synapses in my brain, which is basically what I was after. My mom and I decorated it with bows, tiny ornaments, and pine cones in order to festoon it with Holiday Spirit and that personal touch, and for this year, it will do. You can see the wreath pictured below, along with Josh writing to Santa in an attempt to exonerate his sins and explain his way off of the Naughty list.

This has been a challenging Christmas in many respects. I may not have a lot, and I may not even have what I’d hoped for, but stress and sadness have made me that much more grateful for the numerous other blessings I can count.

Merry Christmas, from my Tiny Tiny House to yours. ❤



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